Corporate Social Responsibility

We want to actively contribute to initiatives aimed at improving the lives of our employees and the entire ecosystem around us.

Our social and environmental commitment is growing

We have recently drawn up a CSR plan that encompasses different actions:



We collaborate with different entities and organizations, such as the ASTI FOUNDATION, which promotes the development of talent and technology with educational projects for the future of young people. We sponsor two of its flagship programs, the Asti Robotic Challenge and STEM TALENT GIRL, a project aimed at women to promote their leadership in the areas of science and technology.


Advantages for our employees

We have created links with different companies that provide us with discounts on services of interest to our employees, such as opticians, gyms, medical assistance and physiotherapists.


Collaboration with educational centers

We give talented students the opportunity to do internships in our group, in order to motivate, inspire and develop their skills in an increasingly booming sector such as packaging.


Multiculturalism and equality

At Prodec Xolertic we promote the visibility of women by giving them equal opportunities to hold technical positions.

We believe in the richness of cultural diversity as an added value of our team, as it brings different approaches and perspectives. Our team is made up of people of very different ethnicities.



Commitment to recycling for good waste management, optimization of line efficiency for energy savings and 3D printing of parts with technology that extrudes material without generating waste, more sustainable than the traditional CNC method that cuts it causing waste.


Family reconciliation

We offer a reduction in working hours with flexible schedules for the care of a minor child, in addition to the possibility of teleworking.


Solidarity events

We support and organize events to raise funds for different non-profit organizations in areas such as research and technological development, health or education.



We have a Go to Channel denounces Xolertic Group available to all our team, as well as to the ecosystem that surrounds us.

A style. A commitment. One planet.


Equipment designed to reduce waste on the End-of-Line operations.

Line architecture developed to minimize energy consumption.

Integration to upstream & downstream equipment to optimize line efficiency.

Innovation applied on adjusting our systems to mono material & paper based flexible packs.

That is why all of our equipment is designed to reduce potential waste from our operations.

The architecture of our lines are also developed to minimize energy consumption, innovation applied in adapting our systems to single-material flexible packaging and finally integration of third party equipment to optimize the energy efficiency of the line.

Located in front of the Torrent de Colomers, a large green area full of centenary trees, our employees keep the green-thinking concept in mind every day.