• PRODEC designs specific applications for secondary packaging

    Flexibility and innovation
    for automated end of line

  • PRODEC invests in R+D to develop the best casepacking and paletising techniques.

    Innovation and technology
    together in the same equipment

  • PRODEC has an experienced team capable of offering the best customized service.

    Team spirit
    working with our customers

  • PRODEC provides a wide network of specialised sales agents and techniciens to offer the best service.

    Worlwide presence
    with sales & technical support

  • PRODEC provides customised solutions and equipments to meet different sectorial demands

    The complete solution for
    secondary packaging

Solution for groups of cases

Top Loading

Side loading


Solution for groups of cases

Compact and flexible top and side loading solution for forming, filling and closing of cases.

American case packing and wrapping solution


Top Loading

Pick & Place

RSC Case

Bottom loading


American case packing and wrapping solution

Compact and flexible solution for american top, side and bottom loading case packing and wrapping with forming, filling and closing of cases.

Cartesian robotic palletizing solution

Cartesian system

Antropomorfic robot

Cartesian robotic palletizing solution

Compact and flexible robotic and Cartesian palletizing solution

Benefits to work with PRODEC

Based in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, our philosophy has always led us to design and install state-of-the-art equipments, in parthnership with our customers, offering outstanding after-sales service worldwide.




Maximum flexibility in the adjustment and design of custom projects. PRODEC specific applications designed for flexible packaging.
Flexible containers are characterized by their difficulty in being piled up over each other due to their lack of stiffness. However, there is no significant problem for them to be automatically packed through different applications designed for PRODEC, adapting to the multiple requirements requested by its customers.


Currently, PRODEC bases its strategy on innovative flexible packaging systems with a high degree of efficiency and versatility, offering a personalized service to each of its customers.
Innovation must be oriented towards adaptability. The equipment must be versatile enough to accept changes and introduction of new trends in end of line equipment


PRODEC has established itself as a specialist in end of line equipment in various areas of activity, providing customized solutions and equipment to meet each of the various sectoral demands.

Discover the most flexible
end-of-line solutions

Our product range includes a wide variety of secondary packaging equipment, such as top loading casepackers, side loading, bottom loading and robotic casepackers for RSC and wraparound case, robotic or cartesian palletisers, top and side loading cartoners, as well as complete end-of-line solutions and turn-key projects.

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After-sales and
technical service

PRODEC experienced team is capable of providing the best service in areas such as consultancy, preventive maintenance, machinery upgrading, support format changeover or output increase…


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Xolertic Prodec designs a new casepacker using a two-axis robot

One of its main advantages over its predecessor is height. Which has suffered a decrease in the work area and movement of the Pick and place, allowing a large number of costumers with height limitations in their facilities to automate their casepacking process without the need for a free work space of 3.5 meters height as required by the D-300 model. 

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