Solution for groups of cases

Top Loading

Side loading


Solution for groups of cases

Compact and flexible top and side loading solution for forming, filling and closing of cases.

American case packing and wrapping solution


Top Loading

Pick & Place

RSC Case

Bottom loading


American case packing and wrapping solution

Compact and flexible solution for american top, side and bottom loading case packing and wrapping with forming, filling and closing of cases.

Cartesian robotic palletizing solution

Cartesian system

Antropomorfic robot

Cartesian robotic palletizing solution

Compact and flexible robotic and Cartesian palletizing solution

Sinterpack and Prodec present their new Xolertic brand, with the aim of bringing together, under a new corporate identity, all the automation and integration services of end-of-line solutions from the different companies in the group. This step forward involves uniting all the knowledge of the specialists to present it to the market with a single interlocutor and in a single team.

Xolertic is defined as a multi-brand end-of-line solution provider group. It brings together both Sinterpack and Prodec and other brands such as Arisens, located in Santiago de Chile (Chile). The objective of this new brand is to offer the best service for customers and, at the same time, to seek maximum profitability from the companies that make it up, a model that already works in the competitive automation sector.

From the Management of Xolertic, they affirm that "this new corporate identity not only helps us to expand our portfolio, but also to develop our growth objective and offer the highest quality and customer service", and they add, "Xolertic is one more example of our constant will to innovate as companies ”.

In addition, the group has renewed the image of its Sinterpack and Prodec brands, to adapt to this new identity, a fact that is evident through their new logos. The new Xolertic brand thus bets on the values ​​of technology, innovation, adaptability and human value; under the philosophy of commitment that for more than 50 years has characterized these companies.

More than 100 professionals

Xolertic is made up of more than 100 professionals who work in different areas of end-of-line automation and who, from this moment, are integrated under a new common commercial organization in order to provide Xolertic Group customers with a complete service automation of its end of line, such as modular solutions for cartoning, casepacking, palletizing and / or integration.

The new group currently has more than 8,000 m2 of facilities, of which two are located in Spain, distributed between Burgos and Castellar del Vallés (Barcelona); and one in Santiago de Chile (Chile).