Solution for groups of cases

Top Loading

Solution for groups of cases

Compact and flexible top and side loading solution for forming, filling and closing of cases.

American case packing and wrapping solution


Top Loading

Pick & Place

RSC Case

Bottom loading


American case packing and wrapping solution

Compact and flexible solution for american top, side and bottom loading case packing and wrapping with forming, filling and closing of cases.

Cartesian robotic palletizing solution

Cartesian system

Antropomorfic robot

Cartesian robotic palletizing solution

Compact and flexible robotic and Cartesian palletizing solution

Solution for side loading, modular, compact and flexible case packer. Designed for medium per minute case production, all in a single monoblock.

The FL-1 is side loading, modular, compact and flexible packer, designed for medium per minute case production, all in a single monoblock

With this generation of packers, the market needs in automating the end of line products whose regular forms are readily manageable at high production volumes are catered to.

An accessible and user-friendly design, plan for the grouping of containers, forming, filling and closing of cases in a single compact unit.

Lifting or lowering carriers are available for the rigid or flexible packing of cases and specific power systems for packaging cannot be combined with each other.

Ergonomic case store and large capacity

The machine incorporates a forced opening of the cases to ensure the correct position at the filling station and transfer to the sealing station.

Closing of cases may be effected by adhesive tape, hot glue application or combination of both systems.


Horizontal case store with motor. store length 1000 mm. As the cases are removed from the system, a case presence detector causes the progress of the tape ensuring that the product is always ready for removal. When the store is empty (or there are an insufficient number of cases for smooth operation), the machine is stopped and a visual signal warns the operator of the lack of cases. Optionally you can install an additional detection of the minimum number of cases that must always be present at the store so that the operator can reload before a machine stop. 



Removing the unit by folding cartons using suckers installed on a semi-circular arm with mechanical movement. Forced opening of the case by a suction cup system and a mechanism for side squaring with presence and formation detection of the case.


Combined introducer group using pneumatic pusher, which with the help of a guide of the case flaps installed thereto, ensure transfer process of set of product packs into the case.


The case placement and sealing unit can reach an output of up to 10 cases per minute and as a whole will depend on the product and the set of products to be packed.


All security or system failure elements, such as accumulation of product on the store conveyor, poorly sealed doors or protections, presence of case, malformed case, lack of air pressure, etc. are displayed on a touchscreen built into the control panel for quick location.



The touch screen performs the function of man/machine interface, helping to quickly solve any problems which may have occurred in machine because of two utilities:

Editing of error messages. Fault location. Being an open system, the staff has access to counters, timers, etc. without the need of specialized personnel, because of the simplicity of its use. The system offers the possibility of giving a complete history of the state of the machine: Number of cycles. Number of cases. Number of case failures. Number of introduction failures. Hours of machine running. All electrical machine command is centralized in a PLC, allowing versatility and speed or system changes.


  • Two loading stations: Forming/Filling and Closing of cases
  • Occupies small amount of space
  • Rapidly changes the mechanical format and stores them in a PLC. 
  • No introduction device in the absence of case
  • Electrical and mechanical protections as per regulations
  • Production designed for average per minute case production
  • Valid for RSC case
  • Reaches an output of up to 10 cases/minute


Model FL-1
Max. Min. Max. Min.
L 500 200
B 300 150
H 350 170
Speed  10 cases/min


PRODEC has brought together in one unit, forming, filling and sealing functions(optional) of cases, with outstanding design features and functionality that are detailed below:


Compact design:

All the functions described are developed in a unique monoblock, occupying a small and simple handling space for the operator. Robust and transparent from any constructive conception angle, it allows one to observe all mechanisms and operational functionality from the outside.


The clean, open design without mechanical barriers, greatly simplifies all interventions required on the equipment, whether by a change in format or a simple cleaning and maintenance regulation or routine.


Its advanced concept allows an expansion of its functions to suit the required project needs.


We have used specific design methods for its development to optimize the comfort and convenience of staff working on the machine.

Information Management:

A powerful software developed by our technical team allows you total control over the device functions. You can also perform simple formatting changes through the incorporated touch screen. Through this, it is possible to verify production efficiency for shifts or slots, making it an effective analytical instrument. It is ready to integrate various lines of work according to the standard OMAC.